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If you're looking for ways to make great long-term
revenue, our children's coin-operated rides are
a fantastic choice. Built to withstand everything
kids can throw at them, they're a great way to
maximise your use of space and create a reliable
new stream of income


With Profit Share, getting a ride earning money for you is incredibly simple. In fact, we do all the work. We provide, install and maintain one of our great rides. All you have to do is provide a socket and then take your share of the profits


Kids and suppliers alike love our kiddy rides, and with over 17 years experience we know exactly what we need to do to make our rides irresistible. We've become experts at turning their favourite characters into exciting new rides with our Peppa Pig range, JCB ride on (Joey JCB), Poppy Cat and Olly the Little White Van, amongst others, all ready and waiting for them to enjoy.

However, our coin operated rides aren't only manufactured for the kids, all of our kiddy rides meet all the UK safety requirements and we have our own in-house repair team for if a problem does occur with your ride to ensure full fun can be had with no accidents or needs for out of order signs, putting both the supplier and the parents mind at rest.


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