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Our Super Cruiser has fantastic looks, styling and great new Genesis technology. Super Cruiser looks great in any setting with its graceful curved lines and sporty appeal, young and old will be queuing up to get behind the helm. Super Cruiser is slightly longer than our standard boat design at 95cm but is still coupled with our tried and tested transmission system using superior quality Swiss Maxon motors, with proven long term reliability.

The Super Cruiser console features modern up to the minute styling with a carbon fibre effect dash, chrome control stick and sports steering wheel. Super Cruiser models feature a colour matched hull and superstructure, teak effect decks and realistic sporty graphics.



The skill and fun of manoeuvring a Remote Controlled Boat appeals to people of all ages. Mini Marina Boats, now with Genesis Technology, are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit any location. All boats are fully controllable, in both forward and reverse, and with twin propeller control they will turn in their own length. Mini Marina Boats are ideal for most types of pool, either existing water areas or purpose built pools of vinyl or concrete.

Mini Marina Boats are 80cm in length, with a hard wearing water resist coloured fibre glass hull and coloured P.V.C. top. Hulls and tops are available in a variety of matching colours



With Profit Share, getting your remote control boats earning money for you is incredibly simple. In fact, we do all the work. We provide, install and maintain one of our great rides. All you have to do is provide a socket and then take your share of the profits




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